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  • Iconic Helmets of History

    Ribchester Roman Cavalry Helmet Buy a full size replica of a Ribchester Roman Cavalry Helmet from the Knight Shop The Ribchester Helmet is a Roman ceremonial helmet made of bronze, dating back to the 1st and 2nd  centuries AD. The helmet is named the Ribchester as it was discovered by a clog maker's son in1796, who was playing behind his father's house in Ribchester, Lancashire. He discovered a mass of corroded metalwork which proved to be a hoard of Roman military equipment. Ribchester was a Roman cavalry fort and it is likely that the hoard was deposited under a barrack room floor at around 120AD. However, the helmet would not have been used for protection in battle but would have been worn for decorative purposes by elite cavalry troopers of the unit that was stationed there when performing "Hippika Gymnasia" (cavalry sports). The helmet, together with the rest of the...

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