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  • Sword Maintenance Guide

      If you are a beginner to sword maintenance or a first-time sword buyer, these handy tips can put you on the right track when it comes to looking after your sword. The type of sword that you have is an important factor that dictates which cleaning method is best to use. Swords tend to fall under 2 general classifications, stainless steel wall-hangers or spring/high carbon steel functional swords. There are exceptions, but in general, your sword will likely fall into one of these categories. Stainless steel wall hangers are usually very decorative and designed to look good when hung on your wall. What they lack in functionality they make up for in ease of maintenance. Simply wiping them down with furniture polish/window cleaner and a soft cloth will remove any greasy fingerprints or grime. You can use special stainless steel cleaning compound if you want to get a highly...

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