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The Knight Shop is a distributor for Windlass Steelcrafts and the premier retailer of Windlass Swords for sale in the UK.

Windlass Swords (Windlass Steelcrafts), are based in India and are one of the oldest sword manufacturers still in production.  They were established in 1943 to supply kukris to the British Army.

Over the decades they have expanded to become one of the largest suppliers of military swords in the world. They are also well known for making high quality licensed replicas of swords, armour and historical clothing seen in Hollywood movies.

Their swords are forged from high quality, high carbon steel and tempered with the most advanced heat treating process available. They are flexible, well balanced and lightweight making them ideal for practicing historical swordplay techniques.

Windlass Swords are durable and are either of threaded or peened construction with the tang forged as part of the blade. They are blunt and have a 1mm edge although sharpening service is available on these swords. 

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  • The Christus Imperat Rapier

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    A rapier of this identical form and proportions is currently housed in The Royal Armouries (formerly the Tower of London). The flamboyantly formed hilt is both beautiful and functional. Its’ forward plates are pierced and show lavish birds among foliage, while the bars of the guard are slender both defending the hand and having an upward loop to catch an opponent’s blade. The heavy pommel allows for a more balanced feel for fighting. The blade is etched on both sides of the ricasso with the Latin phrase CHRISTUS IMPERAT which means “Christ Commands.”

    Overall Length: 119cm
    Blade Length: 103cm
    Blade Width: 2.5cm
    Blade Thickness: 0.48cm
    Weight: 1361g
    Grip Length: 8.9cm
    Blade: 1065 High Carbon Steel
    Edge: Blunt
    Pommel: Peened
    ScabbardLeather, Wood, Steel

    All sizes are approximate and may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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  • Brandenburg Rapier

    This stunning rapier has an expertly crafted swept & twisted metal basket. The heavily carved horn grip mimics the elegantly twisted metal of the hilt and is hand wound and inset with a single steel accent wire that provides an excellent grip while duelling. Better yet was the aristocratic, dashing look it gave the wearer while rakishly hanging from the belt. Hand forged high carbon steel blade with flattened oval cross section. Extended, custom engraved ricasso for strength.

    Includes leather scabbard with twisted metal accents completing this magnificent and fast rapier.

    Overall Length: 112cm
    Blade Length: 95cm
    Blade Width: 2cm
    Blade Thickness: 0.5cm
    Weight: 1247g
    Grip Length: 9cm
    Material: 1065 High Carbon Steel
    Edge: Blunt

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

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