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Windlass Steelcrafts

The Knight Shop is a distributor for Windlass Steelcrafts and the premier retailer of Windlass Swords for sale in the UK. Windlass Swords (Windlass Steelcrafts), are based in India and are one of the oldest sword manufacturers still in production. They were established in 1943 to supply kukris to the British Army. Over the decades they have expanded to become one of the largest suppliers of military swords in the world. They are also well known for making high quality licensed replicas of swords, armour and historical clothing seen in Hollywood movies.

Their swords are forged from high quality, high carbon steel and tempered with the most advanced heat treating process available. They are flexible, well balanced and lightweight making them ideal for practicing historical swordplay techniques. Windlass Swords are durable and are either of threaded or peened construction with the tang forged as part of the blade. They are blunt and have a 1mm edge although sharpening service is available on these swords.

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  • Cobra Steel Throwing Axe Set

    Strike fast and accurately with these lightweight throwing axes that are loosely based on military tactical tomahawks. The sharpened backspike doubles your chances of getting a solid “stick” every time you let one of these rascals loose. The rubber handle has a pebble texture for a secure grip. Set of 3 axes includes fabric belt sheath. 

    Overall Length: 27cm
    Axe Head Length: 15cm
    Material: 1075 High Carbon Steel
    Weight: 269g

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.
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    Excl. Tax: £54.17 Incl. Tax: £65.00

  • Cobra Steel Kindjal

    Another all-purpose function knife in the Windlass Cobra line! Like the Cobra Steel Falcata (#402532), this survival knife features a hand-forged, stainless steel blade, fully tempered in state-of-the-art computer controlled ovens. to a Rockwell hardness of 48º-52º so it will flex in a cut and come back for more. Features a rugged hard rubber mould-over grip that is highly detailed for a positive, shock-absorbing hold. Based on the traditional Kindjal, one of the best overall patterns and proven over a long history of use, this is an excellent self-defence knife. Includes a riveted leather belt sheath. Comes with a factory edge.

    Overall Length: 59cm
    Blade Length: 42cm
    Blade Material: X46Cr14 Stainless Steel
    Weight: 442g
    Edge: Sharp
    Point of Balance: 7cm
    Thickness: 4.1 mm - 3.6 mm
    Width: 41.1 mm
    Grip Length: 10cm
    Pommel: Integrated

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

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    Excl. Tax: £52.50 Incl. Tax: £63.00

  • Cobra Steel Falcata

    This knife’s blade is hand-forged from X46Cr13 high-grade stainless steel, hardened to a Rockwell of 48° and fully tempered. Features razor-sharp edge. All-purpose outdoor, falcata design. Shock-absorbing, weather-resistant rubber handle with positive, extra-long grip. Includes riveted belt sheath. Overall length 20-3/4 inches.

    Overall Length: 53cm
    Blade Length: 37cm
    Blade Width: 5cm
    Blade Thickness: 0.5cm
    Weight: 567g
    Material: X46Cr13 Stainless
    Edge: Sharpened

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

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  • Bowie Knife


    Its special feature is the blade: the upper third of its back is curved to bring the point somewhat closer to the sharp edge. Unlike other models, this Bowie knife does not have a false edge. Thanks to the symmetrical wooden grip (which actually makes this knife a type of dagger), it is very comfortable to hold. The distinctive handguard has a simple look but is extremely effective at keeping your hand on the grip.

    It comes with a leather scabbard with a loop so it can be attached to belts.

    Total Length: 42cm
    Blade Length: 30cm
    Blade Width: 4.5cm
    Weight: 588g
    Blade: Fully Tempered High Carbon Steel
    Edge: Sharp
    Scabbard: Leather

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

    Buy the Bowie Knife with confidence from the UK’s leading Bowie Knife retailer.

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  • Gurkha Officer's Kukri (Official Spec.)

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    Our Officer’s Kukri is manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts. It is a little smaller than the standard regimental weapon, but its grip is made of natural buffalo horn. The blade of tempered carbon steel came from the same forge that has made the official edged weapons of the Indian Army for years. The officer's model has a short, narrow fuller from the grip to the curve of the blade and the typical cutouts that symbolise the god Shiva's trident. It has a full tang, which is riveted to the brass pommel end.

    This Officer’s Kukri includes a wooden scabbard covered with black buffalo leather and a brass chape. At the back, there are two pockets for the smaller accompanying knives, the karda and chakmak. The holder for the belt loop is removable as required.

    Total length: 35cm
    Blade length: 25cm
    Grip length: 10.5 cm
    Weight: 430g
    Blade thickness (base): 0.55 cm
    Blade width (base): 4.0 cm
    Blade width (base): 5.5 cm
    Point of Balance (PoB): 4.5 cm 
    Length of karda and chakmak: 9cm
    Edge: Sharp
    Scabbard: Leather, Wood, Brass

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

    If opting for our sharpening service please be aware that the two small knives will not be sharpened.

    Buy the Gurkha Officer’s Kukri with confidence from the UK’s leading Gurkha Kukri retailer.

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