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Windlass Steelcrafts

The Knight Shop is a distributor for Windlass Steelcrafts and the premier retailer of Windlass Swords for sale in the UK. Windlass Swords (Windlass Steelcrafts), are based in India and are one of the oldest sword manufacturers still in production. They were established in 1943 to supply kukris to the British Army. Over the decades they have expanded to become one of the largest suppliers of military swords in the world. They are also well known for making high quality licensed replicas of swords, armour and historical clothing seen in Hollywood movies.

Their swords are forged from high quality, high carbon steel and tempered with the most advanced heat treating process available. They are flexible, well balanced and lightweight making them ideal for practicing historical swordplay techniques. Windlass Swords are durable and are either of threaded or peened construction with the tang forged as part of the blade. They are blunt and have a 1mm edge although sharpening service is available on these swords.

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  • Royal Stag Seax

    Viking chieftains and elite warriors should have a blade for battle that matches their status. Make sure to check out the Royal Stag Seax. Made from 1075 high-carbon steel, this functional dagger features a single-edged, broke-back blade that is typical of seax blades.

    An engraved design runs down the length of the blade. It takes up half of the blade. This design features an intricate Norwegian interlace knotwork pattern. Next, the dagger has a thick brass handguard. The flat circular guard features a diamond-shaped pattern. The hilt has a Sambar-antler handle. 

    The dagger comes complete with a black leather scabbard, reinforced with brass trim that's adorned with filigree and has brass lashing rings.

    Overall Length:
    Blade Length: 35cm
    Weight: 924g
    Material: 1075 High Carbon Steel
    Blade: Sharp
    Scabbard: Leather & Brass

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

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  • Gladiator Helmet of General Maximus

    The helmet of General Maximus is made of hand-worked steel with a coating of antique brass, it includes a real horsehair crest and an adjustable liner. This helmet is worthy of any Roman general.

    A silver-plated wolf’s head is fixed to the front, inlaid leather along the sides, and an adjustable cloth liner makes this helmet stunning as well as practical.

    Buy the Gladiator General Maximus Helmet with confidence from the UK’s leading movie armour retailer.

    Height: 37 cm
    Height (with plume): 42 cm
    Base Diameter: 22 cm
    Weight: 2.8kg

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

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    Excl. Tax: £220.83 Incl. Tax: £265.00

  • King Henry V Sword

    This sword from Windlass Steelcrafts is a precise replica of the iconic sword of Henry V. Like the original, it’s a relatively short weapon, designed for fast cutting and thrusting. The blade is slightly hollow ground and the edge is sharpened at the factory. It’s beautifully balanced and feels lively in the hand. The pommel is hollow like the original and is appropriately gold plated in the recesses, and has red enamel crosses emblazoned on each side (we used enamel instead of paint for the sake of durability).

    An accurate, fully functional replica of a true battle sword once used by the king of England. A design with just enough flair for a sense of elegance, but no doubt a pragmatic, effective cutting weapon. Includes top-grain leather scabbard and belt.

    Overall Length: 86cm
    Blade Length: 68cm
    Blade Width: 5cm
    Blade Thickness: 0.5cm
    Weight: 1.2kg
    Material: 1065 High Carbon Steel
    Edge: Blunt
    Scabbard: Leather

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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  • British Light Cavalry Sabre - 1796 Pattern

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    Designed by Major-General John Gaspard Le Marchant, the 1796 pattern light cavalry saber was based on Central and Eastern European hussar swords. As a young captain, he observed the clumsy design of the heavy, overly long 1788 Pattern swords. He gave the blade of this saber a pronounced curve, which made it more adept at cavalry attack methods, and designed it with a widened tip that affected the balance, but made slashes far more brutal. It was issued primarily to British light dragoons and hussars and was also used by the King's German Legion light cavalry during the Napoleonic Wars. The blade profile became so popular that the Prussians and other German states emulated its design throughout the 19th century.

    This exact replica of an original antique blade features an extreme distal taper, enabling it to feel exceptionally lively. The blade is hand forged from tough 1080 high carbon steel and spring tempered and arrives fully sharpened.

    The hilt replicates the originals, with a knuckle guard, steel spine, and contoured, ribbed leather grip. Complete with accurately reproduced steel scabbard.

    Weight: 508g
    Total Length: 95cm
    Blade Lenth: 82cm
    Blade Material: 1080 High Carbon Steel
    Blade Width: 3cm
    Edge: Sharp

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

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  • Robin Hood (2010) - King Richard the Lionheart Sword

    Our King Richard Lionheart Sword is an official replica from the movie, "Robin Hood," directed by Ridley Scott. Despite its weight of 1.6 kg, the bastard sword is superbly balanced and feels great in your hand. Parts of the grip, crossguard and pommel are covered with real gold and a total of 30 inlays of imitation ivory attest to the rank and wealth of its owner. Of solid wood, the cross-section of the grip is in the form of a hexagon. It is partially wrapped in red brown leather.

    This included a sword display featuring the King of England's crest from 1194 and can be easily mounted on the wall.

    Total length: 107 cm
    Blade length: 84 cm
    Grip length: 13.4 cm
    Weight: 1.6 kg
    Blade thickness (base): 0.38 cm
    Blade width (base): 3.8 cm
    POB: 8.8cm
    Blade: High Carbon Steel
    Edge: Blunt
    Scabbard: None

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

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  • Sword of Baldur

    In the pantheon of Norse deities, Baldur was the son of Odin and Frigg (thus a sibling to Thor and Loki) and as such, was destined to reign after Odin. Baldur is known as a figure who bestows joy to all those who share his company. Old Norse poetry relates the death of Baldur as a tragedy and a harbinger of Ragnarok.

    In honor of lesser-known siblings everywhere, we've designed this classic Viking sword as a tribute to the fairest member of Asgard. The leather grip of this sword is laser engraved with the three runes that we feel most befit the Norse God. Some scholars believe the name Baldur translates to "bold" so the rune of courage has been added. In her attempt to save Baldur from harm, Frigg asked all things to swear never to harm him (except mistletoe) so the rune of protection has also been included. Finally, Baldur was also known to always be prepared for battle, so the rune of strength completes the array.

    The blade is etched with runes that roughly can be translated as the spelling of "Baldur". The leather sheath (with integral belt) is covered with a layer of black suede that is adorned with top grain lace, throat, and chape. The throat and chape bear a Viking symbol for the sun, as Baldur was known as a shining light to all who knew him.

    Total length: 95 cm
    Blade length: 78.8 cm
    Weight: 957 g
    Blade width (base): 7 cm
    Blade: 1065 High Carbon Steel
    Edge: Unsharpened 
    Scabbard: Leather, Wood, Brass

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

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    Excl. Tax: £275.00 Incl. Tax: £330.00

  • Braveheart Freedom Fighter Sword

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    This replica is very similar to the sword that appears in the "Braveheart" movie, especially because Simon Atherton, the prop master for the "Braveheart" movie, was involved in its development.

    Hand forged of 1095 carbon steel, the blade of this sword is approx. 120 cm long. It has a slight taper and ends in a pear-shaped, riveted pommel. The grip is made of wood wrapped in dark brown leather that also includes the ricasso. A crossguard with a rectangular profile and a langet with a decorative pattern complete the hilt.

    Total length: 154 cm
    Blade length: 120 cm
    Grip length: 25.5 cm
    Weight: 3.03 kg
    Blade thickness (base): 4.7 mm
    Blade thickness (CoP): 4.4 mm
    Blade width (base): 5.0 cm
    Blade width (CoP): 5.0 cm
    Point of Balance (PoB): 25.5 cm
    Centre of Percussion (CoP): 39 cm
    Blade: High Carbon Steel
    Edge: Blunt
    Pommel: Peened
    Scabbard: None

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

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  • Langeid Viking Sword

    When a new road was being constructed in the Langeid area of southern Norway's Setesdal valley in 2011, workers discovered an ancient Viking burial ground. Along with coins and a broadaxe, an archaeological team exhumed a startling, unique sword that hadn't seen the light of day for over 10 centuries. Thousands of Viking era swords, in various states of completeness, have been discovered in Norway, but not one of them has an elaborately inscribed hilt like the one exhibited by the weapon they found that day.

    The pommel and downsloping guard are emblazoned with gold and copper, displaying a mixture of Latin characters, Christian and runic symbols whose exact meanings are lost to time, with some characters apparently reversed for the sake of symmetry. The top of the pommel in portrays a hand holding a cross, possibly representing the hand of Jesus or God. 

    This faithful replica is a fully functioning sword with a carbon steel blade that's battle capable like the original. The pommel and guard are made of iron and silver-plated like the original, and the markings are emblazoned in real gold and copper. We've widened the grip slightly for the sake of comfort, but the wire-wrapping is twisted in the same patterns that a prominent Viking hand wielded centuries ago.

    The original scabbard had long since deteriorated, so we created one of high-quality leather and laser-engraved it with a pattern created from the pommel imagery. The scabbard comes with its own belt.

    Overall Length: 99cm
    Blade Length: 81cm
    Blade Width: 5cm
    Blade Thickness: 0.6cm
    Blade Material: 1080 High Carbon Steel
    Weight: 907g

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

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  • Battlecry Cutlass

    Battlecry has added every swashbuckler’s and pirate’s favorite sword to its line: the Cutlass. The Cutlass was prized for its compact length, which was more suitable for the tight confines of a ship. This Battlecry Cutlass would do any seafarer proud, with a slightly upswept blade that has a clip point tip that’s perfect for thrusting.

    The basket is attractively decorated with cut-outs. Top-quality, genuine leather scabbard with metal throat and chape. Scabbard includes attached frog and belt loop. The 1065 high carbon steel has a darkened, battle-hardened finish, so it’s well protected from the frequent rust spots and stains that occur so often from everyday practice and exposure to the elements.

    The blade has a full tang and is tempered to a low 50s RC. This pre-sharpened blade has gone through rigorous testing. The hands-on nature of the manufacturing by master smiths makes this line unique.

    Includes a certificate of authenticity signed by each smith that touched your blade through every step of the forging process. Also includes "Battlecry" sticker.

    Overall Length: 74cm
    Blade Length: 62cm
    Blade Width: 3.2cm
    POB: 14.6cm from guard
    Blade: 1065 High Carbon Steel 
    Edge: Sharp 
    Weight: 907g

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

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  • French Infantry Artillery Short Sword (Glaive)

    The French military based this sword on the famous and effective Roman Gladius, the standard short sword of the Roman Legionnaires. Originally issued in 1816, the solid brass hilt had a grip that resembled fish scales. When the sword was updated and reissued as the Model 1831, the grip was redesigned with a ringed pattern.

    Although it could be used as a combat weapon in a pinch, it was primarily used as a machete to clear fields for guns. Because of its usefulness as an all-around tool, it gained a nick-name, “coupe-chou” (roughly translating to “cabbage cutter”). The Model 1831 remained in service until about 1870, and its design was adapted by the United States to create the Model 1832 Foot Artillery Sword.

    This faithful replica is just like the originals, with a solid brass hilt and a scabbard with a brass tip and throat. Also includes belt frog. Provided with a sharpened edge.

    Overall Length: 64cm
    Blade Length: 49cm
    Blade Width: 4.4cm
    Blade Material: 1075 High Carbon Steel
    Weight: 1.2kg
    Edge: Sharp

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

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