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Roman Daggers

The Roman Pugio dagger blade was designed for close quarters fighting, It was used by the Roman Legionaries throughout the Roman Empire. It seems likely that is was designed predominantly as a thrusting weapon in much the same way as the larger Roman 'Gladius' sword. Our selection of Roman Pugio Daggers represents some of the best available to buy in the UK. Our selection ranges from purely ornate daggers designed for display through to replicas of pugio daggers that can be found in museums and favoured by reenactors and collectors worldwide.

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  • Roman Dagger - Gold

    The Romans are known to have borrowed ideas on the weapons of their enemies. Initially, they used weapons of Etruscan and Greek-style or, when confronted with the Celts, adopted their equipment. To defeat the Carthaginians built a fleet based on the Carthaginian model. Once a weapon is adopted it was standard. The weapons changed over the history of Rome, although its equipment and its use were never individual. Almost all Roman swords and daggers were double-edged and could be used for both cutting and threading.

    The pugio was a small dagger used by the ancient Roman soldiers possibly as an auxiliary weapon. Like other equipment of the Legionnaires, the dagger had a series of changes throughout the I century. Generally had a long blade and leaf-shaped, between 18 and 28 centimeters long and 5 centimeters or more across. It was ideal for threading; a good rush can pierce a chainmail weapon.

    Total length: 38cm
    Weight: 900g 
    Blade: Stainless Steel
    Edge: Blunt

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

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  • Julius Caesar Roman Dagger

    Julius Caesar was one of Rome’s most successful generals. He played a pivotal role in the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire that followed. His victories in the Gallic Wars extended Rome’s territory to the English Channel and the Rhine and in 54BC he invaded Britain. He was ordered to step down from his military command after the conclusion of the Gallic Wars but instead he crossed the Rubicon with the 13th Legion and entered Roman Italy under arms, where he quickly seized power and became Emperor.

    Our Julius Caesar Dagger is crafted in the world famous Art Gladius factory in Toledo, Spain and features an ornate antiqued brass hilt, decorated stainless steel blade and black leather scabbard with decorative antiqued fittings. This dagger has a blunt blade and is manufactured for display only.

    Total length39cm
    Blade length: 20.5cm
    Grip length: 14.5cm
    Weight: 825g
    Blade width (base): 7cm
    Edge: Blunt
    Scabbard: Leather and Brass

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

    Buy the Julius Caesar Roman Dagger with confidence from the UK’s leading Roman weapon retailer.

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  • Roman Pugio Dagger - 2nd Century

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    The distinct shape of the Roman Pugio dagger blade was excellent for close quarters fighting, and was used throughout the legions. Although swords and knives were generally not worn by Roman civilians within the boundaries of the "Pax Romana", barbarians and bandits were certainly to be found in the outlands, and a merchant or trader best go armed. No doubt many an old legionnaire must have found it easier to keep his balance with the familiar weight on his hip as he worked his farm in new won territory.

    Our Roman Pugio Dagger is based on finds in the British Museum collection. The wood hilt is paired with a fully tempered high carbon steel blade. Comes complete with a wood scabbard covered in leather with brass parts.

    Total length: 49.5 cm
    Blade length: 31 cm
    Grip length: 9 cm
    Weight: 0.39 kg
    Blade thickness (base): 4.8 mm
    Blade width (base): 4.5 cm
    Edge: Blunt
    Scabbard: Wood, Leather and Brass

    Buy the Roman Pugio Dagger with confidence from the UK’s leading Roman weapon retailer.

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