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HEMA is an acronym for Historical European Martial Arts. The term encompasses a varied range of European fighting arts from Harnessfecten (fighting in armour) to Glima (Viking wrestling).  The Knight Shop offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of HEMA equipment for sale in the UK. We are specialists in this market and have a dedicated web store

We even manufacture our own line of HEMA equipment! Our range of Red Dragon Armoury Synthetic Sparring Swords, Fencing Masks, Weapon Sparring Gloves, Throat Protectors, Groin Guards and Kit Bags can be purchased from retailers all over the planet.

We are the UK’s leading retailer of SPES protective equipment and hold large stocks of their products. We stock a range of federschwert, bucklers, rapiers, sabres, padded practice swords, wooden and nylon wasters, daggers, books, DVDs - basically everything you will ever need to get you into HEMA!

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  • Classic Medieval Sword

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    A transition from the Viking sword to the classic medieval sword, our medieval sword is probably Oakeshott type X. Swords like this one were very popular for centuries.

    The double-edged, hardly tapered blade has a long, relatively wide fuller which makes it balance very well. The curved, flared crossguard provides lots of protection for your hand. Thanks to its leather covering, the grip is comfortable to grasp. The wheel pommel is riveted. Our classic medieval sword comes with a scabbard.

    Total length: 100 cm
    Blade length: 83.5 cm
    Grip length: 10 cm
    Weight: 1.42 kg
    Blade thickness (base): 4.1 mm
    Blade thickness (CoP): 3.6 mm
    Blade width (base): 5.1 cm
    Blade width (CoP): 3.8 cm
    Point of Balance (PoB): 15 cm
    Centre of Percussion (CoP): 20 cm
    Oakeshott type: X
    Blade: High Carbon Steel
    Edge: Blunt
    Pommel: Peened
    Scabbard: Leather, Wood, Steel

    All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

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