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Welcome to The Knight Shop The UK’s favourite supplier of militaria and historical giftware.


Welcome to The Knight Shop where you will find the UK's largest choice of historical swords, armour and associated giftware.

We operate our business from 2 stores and our 12,000 sq. ft. warehouse in North Wales.
The Knight Shop are the UK distributors for major international manufacturers; including:

Deepeeka | Windlass | Art Gladius | Medio Evo | Red Dragon Armoury | Lord of Battles


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Art Gladius
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Welcome to The Knight Shop where you will find the greatest choice of historical arms and armour and associated giftware available for sale in the UK! We are based in North Wales and trade from our 12,000 sq ft warehouse and showroom. We also have a shop opposite the world famous Conwy Castle. We have been trading since 1999 and have become pretty good at it! Our market knowledge of this industry is unsurpassed so rest assured, you are in good hands. 

Our products range caters for many different markets. Reenactors have a fantastic choice of off-the-peg plate armour, helmets, chainmail and gambesons from top manufacturers such as GDFB, Lord of Battles and Marshal Historical. They are available in a variety of different gauges to cover all but the most stringent safety requirements.  We have a great selection of LARP swords from Windlass Steelcraft’s “Warlords” range. LARPists are spoilt for choice with our range of period costumes and armour. We offer one of the largest ranges of HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) equipment in Europe. We represent some of the best brands in this industry such as SPES and Red Dragon Armoury and hold huge stocks of their products for fast dispatch. We are specialist suppliers to the TV and Film industry and many of our products have been seen on the silver screen! Our large stocks of arms and armour, fast dispatch times and specialist knowledge make us a favourite amongst fight directors.

Our weapons and armour spans the centuries, from the Bronze Age right up to World War 2. From the Celtic era we have some fantastic anthropomorphic hilted swords and daggers. Our collection of re-enactment grade Roman equipment is one of the largest available in the UK. Whether you require a Gladius, Scutum, Pilum, Pugio dagger or Lorica Segmantata we will be able to kit you out. Saxons and Vikings won’t fail to be impressed by our range of Vendel style helmets and our museum quality replicas of the famous Sutton Hoo and Coppergate helmets. The Medieval era is where we really excel – we are the Knight Shop after all! Our medieval range covers all of the significant changes throughout this period, from the Normal nasal helmets of the 11th century, the Transitional and Great Helms of the Crusaders, the Bascinets and Sallets of the 100 Years War right up to the Burgonets and Closer Helms of the Tudor period.  From the English Civil War and Renaissance period we have a great selection of flintlock pistols, rapiers, court swords along with an array of helmets and armour to compliment. From the later Napoleonic era we have a fine collection of military swords that were used in famous battles such as Waterloo and the Charge of the Light Brigade. Later still we have cavalry swords and helmets from World War 1 and a selection of helmets from World War 2. Some of our military swords are actually current issue in the British and Commonwealth armies.

We also stock a fantastic range of Historical Giftware including miniature weaponry and armour. We sell a large variety of plastic weapons and armour for children, along with archery sets, costumes and even knight themed pyjamas.  We sell a great selection of books and DVD’s on the art of sword fighting, great for the novice and seasoned practitioner alike.  We have a huge range of Templar swords and armour along with surcoats and cloaks to match. In our selection of Templar themed giftware you are sure to find the perfect gift to buy the Templar in your life.

The Knight Shop are the largest importer and distributor of replica swords  and armour in the UK. We represent many of the top brands in this industry.  We are also the UK’s largest wholesaler of replica swords and armour. If you are interested in becoming a reseller we would be pleased to hear from you. 

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