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SPES Wooden Rondel Dagger - 39cm


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Wooden dagger made of ash. Blade has rounded tip for safe use. Short model.

This type of dagger was widely used in medieval times during fencing training. It helps to improve swordsmanship without causing any major injuries. Especially recommended for beginners.

Important: Designed for thrusting practice, or for light training in pairs without heavy strength involved. Not intended for use on any hard, metal or sharp items. Over heavy use while fighting with two simulators may damage the swords.

Blade length: 25cm
Total length: 39cm
Handle Length: 14cm
Blade diameter: 1.7cm-4cm
Weight: 160g

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.


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Excl. Tax: £20.83 Incl. Tax: £25.00



Wooden training dagger, used for centuries in HEMA schools as a simulator to practice skills.

It will be great for people starting to learn HEMA, regardless of gender or initial skills. However, it requires at least basic equipment (e.g. JF 350NLight 350N) to minimize any negative feelings during training.

Made of ash, the dagger is made of a single piece of wood and has been fully sanded, but still has the grain on its surface.

Whole is specially profiled so that the simulator fits comfortably in the hand and does not interfere with the exercises. It ends with a ball.

Its weight is so appropriate that the mobility and comfort during training are fully felt.

  • the wooden dagger is not impregnated
  • remember that this type of equipment should be used when training against simulators with similar properties (materials used, hardness, etc.). By following this rule, your dagger will last longer, and you will be able to enjoy it for much longer
  • we suggest using groin overlays and masks to cover the face, especially the eyes, during exercises with wooden simulators
  • hitting hard elements, such as shields or metal masks, not secured with soft overlays, can cause their quick wear

An example of a medieval dagger, which the appearance of the SPES product refers to, can be found on the tombstone of Konrad Kolbe von Boppard from 1393.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand SPES
Edge Blunt

Blade length: 87cm
Total length: 120cm
Blade width (near guard): 5cm
Blade thickness (near guard): 3.5cm
Blade width (near tip): 2.5cm
Blade thickness (near tip): 1.5cm
Crossguard length: 24cm
Weight: 900g

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.


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